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There are countless ways to save shots on the golf course. Stop making stupid mental mistakes. Stop losing balls off the tee because you can’t keep your driver in play. Stop putting three hits. The list is lengthened increasingly. But, most pros will tell you, one of the keys to saving shots is to perfect your short game, especially around the greens.

Best of all, the great thing about working on your chipping and pitching is that you can do it in your backyard. You can fire shots at any tree or some sort of marker you put on the grass, but there are also several affordable training aids you can use.

There are some simple ones where you just throw into a net like a big target, but some of the best will require you to hit. all hits. Because how often do you hit the same chip around every green? Rarely. Sometimes you have little green to work with. Sometimes you have to bump into it and run or lift it high in the air. All of these shots may require different ball positions, club lofts, and swings, but luckily some chipnets will have you practicing just that. You can even make it a game or a challenge.

Check out three of our top picks below and start working on your little game tomorrow. You can find out more about the GOLF Pro Shop here.

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Callaway Short Playset


This short playset from Callaway is a 3-in-1 training set that includes an FT Launch Zone hitting mat, triple chip net and HX practice balls. The turf hitting mat emulates that of a real fairway and the balls mimic the actual flight of the ball. The net is convenient for installation and assembly with its pop-up functionality, and the 11 ” frame makes storage easy. The nets come with three separate targets for a variety of practice options.

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Golf Gifts & Gallery 30 “X30” Chipping


The 30 × 30 chip net features 5 target zones to provide precision training. It is easy to assemble and folds up for storage and transport.

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Golf Gifts & Gallery Indoor / Outdoor Short Game Practice


Take your short game to the next level with the indoor / outdoor practice net. It features removable shields for precision training and 4 adjustable target zones to let you practice flop, lob, pitch, chip and punch. The metal base is adjustable for 5 different angles and folds flat for easy storage and transport. The net can be used for indoor and outdoor practice.

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