7 tips and tricks to improve your workout routine for fall 2021


Summer often means a more lax schedule, with weekends spent socializing around barbecues and lounging on the beach. Whether you have children or not, back to school is a time for everyone to get back to the routine.

This transition from summer to fall is a great time to take stock, take stock of your current fitness level, and set goals for the coming months. At this time of year, I often find that my weight loss clients are inspired to establish new healthy habits and re-commit to their health goals.

While feeling the motivation to add in hour-long workouts or lose a ton of weight is great, I still recommend starting small with changes that really don’t feel like you’re doing much. The key is to make these adjustments fit perfectly into your routine so that they are easy to maintain.

Here are some easy ways to get exercise back into your daily routine. Give them a try – you might be surprised what else you’re inspired to do once they comply!

Add just 5 minutes of movement

Going from zero to 100 never works. So start small. I’m just talking about five minutes of a new activity. This could be wake up stretches, a daily lunchtime walk, or a basic routine you find on YouTube. Committing to five minutes each day will help you introduce yourself, without having to completely rearrange your schedule. It will also become a habit to move your body again and motivate you to make fitness an even higher priority. If you’re having a hard time getting started, I encourage people to choose an activity they haven’t done yet. Novelty will keep things interesting while you work on making it a habit.

Set up a personal care corner

No more unrolling your yoga mat next to a pile of dirty laundry or finding space to do squats amid the chaos of your children’s playroom. It’s time to create a space just for you – it can be as small as a corner of a room – with a rug, free weights, something that makes you smile (like an inspirational quote or flowers) and all. which will inspire you to exercise. Treat this space as a place where you can spend some time alone, relax and unwind. Exercising can be stressful, especially if you are already busy. Designing a small space that changes our mindset about fitness and helps us associate it with improving our mental health will really make you look forward to it.

Think about vacation now

Despite what the department stores want you to think, you have at least another solid month to really push yourself and focus on your workouts before the hustle and bustle of the holiday season hits. If the food and fun of the holiday season usually sets you back a bit, even more reason to do a solid job now. Use the anticipation of the festivities, family time, and delicious food as motivation to make fitness a priority for the next month. With a fitness habit established, you’ll be more likely to keep movement in your routine when the holidays arrive, even if you calm down a bit, and you’re less likely to have to start over in January.

Get out as much as possible

Exercising outdoors during the summer months can sometimes be a challenge as the heat makes the exercise more intense. But that crisp fall air is perfect for taking your workouts outside. Plus, I often find outdoor activities like hiking, biking, or yoga in the park to be less of a chore and more of a fun pastime! Before the cold weather arrives, go outside. Plan weekend activities that get you moving, like a hike in a local park, a walk to brunch, or a family bike ride. You’ll kill two birds with one stone and work out while enjoying your free time with the people you love.

Join a challenge

Structure and responsibility are things that we can all use a little more of. An easy way to get both is to engage in any challenge. I always suggest my clients start with 30 days: it’s long enough to see results, but short enough to see the finish line! I’ve designed a few that are a great way to start:

A quick online search will reveal tons of other challenges, so find one that matches your goals and fitness level.

Focus on a new muscle group

You might have spent the whole summer focused on your midsection. Of course, working your core is always a good thing, but try to focus on a new area. Working a different muscle group means performing new exercises and will keep your workouts fresh. Some Suggestions: Set a goal to improve your upper body strength and work out so you can finally do a push-up or focus on your glutes and find a squat challenge to join!

Create a new playlist

Listening to music while exercising is one of the best ways to lighten the mood, increase your motivation, and calm down all those negative thoughts (or that never-ending mental to-do list). If you have a workout playlist, rearrange it! I find myself getting bored with some songs after a while, so add new songs or try a new playlist entirely to set as the soundtrack of your workout routine.

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