APL Attends Free Adult Vocational Education Program at Lone Star State PLA University Launches First Cohort in Fort Worth, TX

FORT WORTH, Texas, January 6, 2022 / PRNewswire / – APL University, Phalen’s free adult vocational training and placement program, is proud to announce the official launch of its first class in Fort Worth, Texas.

The program, which began to support PLA families in Indianapolis, will now reach PLA families in Fort worth at Chapel Hill Academy and the CIOs of Fort Worth J. Martin Jacquet College. The program recruits strong partners and local universities. The first one Fort worth the course starts in January.

Founder and CEO of PLA, Count Martin Phalen, founded PLA University in the wake of the George floyd murder. The national incident inspired the organization to invest more in uplifting black and brown communities.

“Our commitment to our academics and the communities in which we serve has always been and always will be very strong,” said Founder and CEO of the APL Count Martin Phalen. “We have just started our partnership in Fort worth this school year, and we are delighted that in addition to the academic support provided by PLA, we are also able to make this important economic investment in our families and in the community. It shows that the PLA is here for our academics – for the long haul. We will always do our utmost to improve their results and raise the families we serve. “

PLA University was designed to create economic parity and give adult members of the PLA family the opportunity to train in high-demand career areas, gain certification, and then be placed with a employer paying competitive salary and benefits. Opening of PLA University in Texas consolidates the program as one of the most innovative adult education institutes in the country, designed for adults seeking free certification in one or more of the following career areas: health and life sciences, information technology, advanced manufacturing, supply chain logistics and / or Entrepreneurship.

Both Fort worth and the Indianapolis University PLA sites offer free adult certification courses from January through spring 2022. PLA families have priority in the program, but Phalen says the program will also reserve places for everyone in the program. surrounding communities. Those interested in joining the program should visit PLAUniversity.org and click apply.

About the Phalen Leadership Academies: Phalen Leadership Academies is a non-profit school management organization with over 25 schools across the country in Indiana, Ohio, Texas, Alabama, Michigan and Washington DC

About PLA University: A free vocational training program exclusively for PLA family members aged 18 or over. Created following the murder of George floyd To promote self-sufficiency and economic parity, PLA University is one of the first vocational training institutions of its kind, as it seeks to improve the performance of PLA academics and families. The program aims to teach families life skills, provides certification training and placement. Training paths include: IT support professionals, forklift operators, certified nursing assistants, veterinary assistants, pharmacy technicians, medical billers and coders, or medical assistants.

For more information on Phalen Leadership Academies (APL) and his dedication to shaping academics around the world, please visit https://www.phalenacademies.org/ or to donate to support Phalen’s efforts, visit DonatePLA.org

SOURCE Phalen Leadership Academies

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