Arctic Wolf Expands Safety Awareness and Training Program with Habitu8


Arctic Wolf announced the advancement of Arctic Wolf Managed Security Awareness with the acquisition of the Habitu8 training platform. Managed Security Awareness is the latest addition to the Arctic Wolf Security Operations Platform, a security awareness and training program offered as a concierge service.

Co-founded in 2017 by Security Awareness and Training Expert Jason Hoenich, Habitu8 is the industry leader in producing security awareness and training programs with a Hollywood-style aesthetic. This entertaining and engaging style pioneered by Hoenich has proven to be extremely effective in strengthening the human element of security, as phishing and ransomware attacks continue to permeate daily.

Combined with the Managed Security Awareness offering and the concierge delivery model of the Arctic Wolf Platform, the company provides clients with training and awareness programs and effectively strengthens human defenses in the ever-changing threat landscape.

“The overwhelming majority of cybersecurity events target users with increasingly sophisticated tactics, and we know that training and awareness programs are a cornerstone in ending cyber risk. Unfortunately, the content offered by most security programs is of poor quality, often tedious, and ultimately does not effectively meet the needs of modern users who expect high-quality, on-demand experiences like Netflix, ”said Nick Schneider, President and Chief Executive Officer, Arctic Wolf.

“With the addition of Habit8 to the Arctic Wolf Platform, we will deliver modern, high-quality safety awareness and training programs as a managed service, which, combined with our expert advice on janitorial services, will significantly strengthen the overall security operations of customers. “

Arctic Wolf Managed Security Awareness has seen explosive demand from mid-sized and enterprise customers, and has already delivered to hundreds of customers just months after its public launch in May 2021. Named one of the new products most popular of the year by CRN, the solution responds to the most common cyberthreats by influencing behavior and fostering a culture of security throughout the company, via a microlearning strategy.

The addition of Hatu8 will further enrich a robust stream of live action and animated content and propel customers to higher levels of security maturity. With the Arctic Wolf Platform, customers can now easily access this advanced solution and gain broad visibility into endpoints, network, cloud and human threat surfaces.

Following the acquisition, founder Jason Hoenich will join the Arctic Wolf team as vice president of service delivery and lead the management and delivery of security awareness. Jason is an award-winning thought leader in the security awareness and training industry. He is the creator and producer of the popular Hashtag Awareness video series and brings over a decade of experience developing world-class outreach programs for companies such as The Walt Disney Company, Activision Blizzard, and Sony Pictures Entertainment. .

“I am delighted to join the Arctic Wolf ‘Pack’ and bring Habit8’s award-winning content model and library to the leading safety awareness and training platform,” added Hoenich. “The data tells us that humans need continuous, engaging and memorable content to retain and resonate with training concepts. I am confident that the combination of the power of Arctic Wolf Managed Security Awareness and the Arctic Wolf Platform with our Hollywood-style content will make it the most effective and sought-after solution in the market for clients of all sizes.

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