Baker-Polito Administration Announces Awards for 2022 Municipal Cybersecurity Awareness Grant Program

Haverhill — Today, the Baker-Polito administration announced the winners of the 2022 Municipal Cybersecurity Awareness Grant Program. Administered by the Executive Office of Technology and Security Services (EOTSS) and its Office of Municipal Technology and (OMST), this program will provide more than 57,000 employees from 210 municipalities and public school districts across the Commonwealth with essential cybersecurity training to better detect and avoid cyber threats.

The 2022 Municipal Cybersecurity Awareness Grant Program is designed to support local government efforts to improve overall cybersecurity posture through comprehensive online end-user training, threat assessment and simulation. Winning communities will receive end-user training, assessment, and phishing simulation licenses purchased by the Executive Office of Technology Services and Security. Demonstrated buy-in from the Community General Manager is a requirement for all program participants.

At an event hosted by the City of Haverhill, Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito joined Technology Services and Security Secretary Curt Wood, lawmakers and city officials from across the Commonwealth to announce this year’s winners. The City of Haverhill and the Haverhill Public School District are participating in the program for the first time and have received a grant that will enable 1,900 city employees to receive end-user cybersecurity training.

“Today’s announcement represents a significant step forward in the Commonwealth’s ability to withstand cyber threats,” Governor Charlie Baker said. “Our administration commends local leaders across the Commonwealth for participating in this year’s program and ensuring their workforce is equipped with the knowledge necessary for robust cyber defence.” “Cybersecurity is a growing issue that should not be ignored,” said Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito. “The Municipal Cybersecurity Awareness Grant Program is an important resource for the

Local governments and public schools across the Commonwealth need to tackle this problem head-on while increasing their resilience to cyber threats.

“I thank Governor Baker for his leadership on cybersecurity, as executive buy-in is critical to bringing this issue to the ‘kitchen table,'” said Secretary of Technology Services and Security, Curt Wood. “I am delighted with the response to this year’s grant scheme, with leaders from every town and city across the Commonwealth stepping up and making cybersecurity a priority.”

“Congratulations to all municipalities and school districts that have applied for a Municipal Cybersecurity Awareness Grant,” said Senator Barry Finegold, Senate Chairman of the Joint Committee on Advanced Information Technology, Internet and Cybersecurity. . “In an increasingly digitized world, it is crucial to ensure that our online platforms are safe and secure. That’s why I’m grateful for programs like this that ensure our local government partners have the tools and resources to best protect themselves against disruptive cyberattacks. Thanks to the Baker-Polito administration for continuing to invest in Commonwealth cyber-readiness. “Local governments and school systems here in Massachusetts are experiencing an increasing number of cyberattacks and their best defense is an educated workforce,” said Rep. Linda Dean Campbell, chair of the House Joint Committee on Technology. advanced information technology, Internet and cybersecurity. “The Legislative Assembly and the Governor are teaming up to meet this challenge through increased training, a new Legislative Committee, funding for necessary technology upgrades, and working with the private sector. Most important, however, is the training of manpower as provided by these grants.

“The City of Haverhill takes its job of protecting the privacy of its residents and the general public very seriously and we are committed to improving our cybersecurity defenses,” said Haverhill Mayor James Fiorentini. “While we already provide cybersecurity training to our employees, this funding will allow us to do more and further strengthen our defenses and protections. We very much appreciate this grant from the Baker-Polito administration and we also appreciate their interest in coming to Haverhill to make this important announcement for the benefit of 210 municipalities and school districts in Massachusetts.

“Employee training programs are an important part of a comprehensive security program and establishing a cybersecurity culture,” said Stephanie Helm, director of the MassCyberCenter at the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative. “Congratulations to all the communities that have been selected for this program. These new grants will help each of you meet the goals of the Minimum Cybersecurity Baseline for Municipalities. »

To learn more about the Municipal Cybersecurity Awareness Grant Program, visit:

For more information on the complete list of municipal cybersecurity and IT program offerings from the EOTSS Office of Municipal and School Technology (OMST), visit: all-office-of-municipal-and-school-technology-omst-programs.


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