Chesterfield Lodge tenders for a new training base

A new training center has been a priority for the club since the community trust took over two years ago.

If the offer for the unknown location is accepted, Chesterfield will be able to use it “rather quickly” and the academy will then move on to the current one.

“We were very keen on getting a training ground to call our own rather than the current lease,” said manager Ashley Kirk on the club’s official We Are Sailing podcast.

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The Spireites hope to move to a new training ground.

“We are in the early stages, but we have made an offer on a site across town which we hope will be accepted, but there are no guarantees.

“If so, it will be a site where we can move forward quite quickly, which would be a big advantage for the team and the club and hopefully for the city as well. But it is at a stage delicate part of the negotiations. This is where we are, but we hope that things will move forward.

“It shows how hard we’re trying to get a top-notch training facility for Paul Cook and his team to work on player development. It’s ultimately part of the long-term strategy – developing players who become assets for the club that either stay with us or we can swap and we can improve the squad using this fee but if we don’t have the facilities it becomes very difficult to do that.

President Mike Goodwin added, “That was one of the key things we wanted to put in place. I think we’ve done a good job getting to this point and I just hope it passes. This will also benefit the academy, as the academy will then move to the old training ground. It’s a win-win if we can get it through.

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