Director of GHS Morpirla to receive Prez award

GHS Morpirla Director, Maria Murena Miranda, who has 34 years of teaching experience, will receive the President Draupadi Murmu’s National Teacher Award on September 5 in Delhi. GHS Morpirla is 100% geared towards tribal students and Miranda has introduced several innovative ideas in teaching including distance learning, art integrated learning, peer-to-peer learning. In the time of Covid, she took courses in abuses, temples and visited student houses to take courses. These efforts have helped her achieve 100% PVC results seven times. Miranda had also introduced a mobile library for her students. Other initiatives include the development of low-cost educational tools to make learning interesting for students, with many of its students achieving great success in their respective fields. One of his students completed the Sakura Science program in Japan, and another student won first prize in a nationwide ozone poster competition. Miranda had won the 2020 Top Teachers in the State award for her work in breaking down barriers between students and teachers. After completing the Nishtha training at NCERT in Delhi, Miranda trained almost 700 teachers in the state.

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