End of QOC Change Management Training Course

Participants pose for a group photo after the end of QOC’s change management training course.

The Change Management Training Course for Directors and Deputy Directors of Qatar Olympic Committee Departments concluded at the QOC Headquarters this weekend.

The three-day training course focused on how to support the targeted category in their abilities to adopt strategies that suit all parties involved in the change process.

A series of essential topics were covered during the course, namely methods of change, how do individuals get involved in managing the process of change, how can they put in place strategies to deal with change and build a culture of innovation, career empowerment, emotional intelligence to manage change and develop individual plans.

The main focus of the course is to invest all available opportunities for change and manage them effectively in a way that helps QOC goals become achievable and successful.

In a post-course statement, the course’s keynote speaker, Dr. Mai Issa, said the course development program saw a series of working sessions that discussed the change that was previously planned for the current five-year plan and we’ll move on to the next one. five-year plan in 2023.

“These productive sessions culminated in a working document that includes all the elements for strategic analysis, key success elements to approve in the combine and put in place the next strategic plan,” Dr. Issa said. In the closing session, the trainees received the certificates of appreciation while the keynote speaker and course expert, Dr. Issa, was honored for providing timely and meaningful insights to the course.

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