Every main protagonist in the franchise and their final fate

This article contains mentions of sexual assault, kidnapping and murder

The recent release of Halloween ends seems to have finally brought about the conclusion of the epic saga of Michael Myers and the bloody history behind it. Unlike most horror franchises, the Halloween The series has a very complex and convoluted timeline, in which only certain films connect with others, and in which plot elements of some contradict or entirely reenact others.

Throughout these various films, many different protagonists have stood up and fought with the sadistic force known as Michael Myers (or in one case clashed with killer Halloween masks) and while some survived the horrific ordeal and got a happy ending, others weren’t so lucky.


This article contains spoilers for all movies in the Halloween franchise, including the recent release Halloween ends!

Laurie Strode – It’s Very Complicated

As mentioned earlier, the Halloween franchise returns again and again to its films and the fate of its characters. No character suffers more than the franchise’s central protagonist, Laurie Strode. Although she initially survives her encounter with Michael Myers on Halloween night, as shown in the first two films, she is not so lucky in the following two timelines.

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Laurie is killed off-screen in timeline 4-6 after a fatal car accident. Regarding the H20Resurrection timeline, it’s sadly the one where Michael finally got his wish, killing Laurie in her mental institution. As it stands, however, Laurie Strode is enjoying a happy ending with the conclusion of the most recent trilogy, having survived the events of Halloween ends and ultimately killed Michael once and for all.

Dr Samuel Loomis – It’s also very complicated

The third pillar of Halloween franchise alongside Laurie and Michael, Dr. Samuel Loomis was Michael’s former psychiatrist and the secondary protagonist of films 1 through 6 (with the obvious exception of 3). His first death occurs Halloween 2 in one of the franchise’s most memorable moments when he sacrifices himself to kill Michael in a burst of fire.

Films 4-6 establish that Michael and Loomis survived the explosion, causing the pair to fight again over the next few years until Loomis stumbles upon an unknown, but clearly agonizing fate at the end of Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. The most recent trilogy establishes that Loomis died of natural causes early on, with his successor ironically being the one who set Michael free.

Dr. Dan Challis – Unknown

Dr. Dan Challis only appears once in the franchise and specifically in the only movie that has no connection to Michael Myers. However, that’s not to say Dan had an easy time on Halloween night at Halloween III: Season of the Witchas he came face to face with pagan rituals and murderous androids.

After uncovering a sinister plan involving microchips in children’s Halloween masks that is set to cause a gruesome death toll after an ad airs, Dan is able to kill the perpetrators and destroy their factory, walking out of the world alive. carnage. Unfortunately, while he is able to stop two airings of the ad, he is unable to stop the third, leaving his fate amid impending horror that will become unknown.

Rachel Carruthers – Deceased

With Laurie Strode who died in a car accident at the start of Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, Michael moves to target Laurie’s orphaned daughter, Jamie, who now lives with the Carruthers family. Rachel is Jamie’s adopted sister and cares for her immensely, reiterating to Jamie how much she loves him whether they are blood related or not.

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She succeeds in protecting Jamie from Michael in the film and helps the angry mob kill Michael at the end of the film. Unfortunately, Michael would survive this encounter, and surprisingly early in Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myershe stabs Rachel to death with a pair of scissors.

Jamie Lloyd – Deceased

Orphaned daughter of Laurie Strode and central protagonist of the 4-6 timeline, Jamie Lloyd sadly suffers the brunt of the franchise’s most shocking twists. Being viciously hunted by her murderous uncle Michael Myers in Halloween 4 damages Jamie’s sanity, so much so that she slaps and stabs her adoptive mother.

Having become mute after the ordeal, she is tracked down again by Michael in Halloween 5 and is eventually kidnapped by the Man in Black (who frees Michael from prison). Held captive for six years and impregnated with Michael’s baby by the cult of Thorn, Jamie escapes with her child at the start of Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. Unfortunately, she is killed by Michael, who then sets his sights on his child.

Kara Strode – Alive

Cousin of Laurie Strode, Kara Strode only appears in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers and because of this, claims to be one of the few characters in the franchise to have an unambiguous “alive” status. Even with just one appearance, her survival is a pretty impressive feat when you consider what she endures throughout the film.

Her family is murdered by Michael Myers, her son is almost selected for the “curse of Thorn” by the cult of Thorn, and then she is kidnapped by that same cult. Yet she and Tommy Doyle are not only able to incapacitate Michael Myers, but also save and leave with all the children in their care (including Jamie’s baby and son).

Tommy Doyle – It’s a bit complicated

Like Laurie and Loomis, Tommy Doyle has a few different fates throughout the franchise, though his own is considerably less complicated to follow due to his fewer appearances on the show. As a young child guarded by Laurie Strode, he survives the events of the original Halloween film, which is true of his two subsequent appearances.

He reappears for the first time as a young adult in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, the one who became obsessed with the legend of Michael Myers. This Tommy survives his encounter with the mass murderer, able to save Kara Strode and beat Michael unconscious. However, the older Tommy who appears in the most recent timeline with halloween kills isn’t so lucky, becoming one of Michael’s many victims after leading an angry mob in a failed attack on the faller.

Freddie Harris and Sara Moyer – Alive

When Michael Myers finally succeeds in killing Laurie Strode in Halloween: Resurrection, he turns to murdering the stars and producers of a reality show set in his childhood home. Michael slaughters a large majority of the cast and crew, leaving only a contestant named Sara and one of the show’s directors, Freddie.

Just as Michael is about to kill the couple, Freddie, played by rapper Busta Rhymes, electrocutes the killer, allowing him and Sara to escape as Michael presumably burns to death. It was the last film in the established timeline in H20which means that the pair of Freddie and Sara never had to suffer any sequels in which Michael could have exacted revenge.

Karen Nelson – Deceased

When the new trilogy of films beginning with Halloween (2018) have been released, one of the biggest changes to the Halloween mythos was the addition of Laurie’s new daughter, an only child named Karen. Karen would develop a strained relationship with Laurie as an adult, largely because she was taken away by child protective services at age twelve due to Laurie’s paranoia caused by Michael and his extremely rigorous to prepare Karen for such an attack when she was a child.

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However, Michael of course returned and, thanks to Laurie’s training, Karen was able to lure Michael into a trap and shoot him. Unfortunately, Karen wouldn’t fare as well as in halloween killsas after Michael survived the violent mob Karen led him to, he repeatedly stabbed her to death in Judith Myers’ old bedroom.

Allyson Nelson – Alive

Daughter of Karen Nelson and granddaughter of Laurie Strode, Allyson unfortunately inherited the family tradition of having to desperately fight for her life against Michael Myers on Halloween night. Michael’s comeback in 2018 saw tragedy surround Allyson at every turn and take the lives of her best friends, her boyfriend and ultimately both of her parents.

After continuing his life four years later in Halloween ends, she is unfortunately drawn into the bloodshed again, thanks to a combination of Michael’s reappearance and her new boyfriend Corey’s murder spree. Both murderers end up dead, however, with Allyson helping her grandmother kill Michael once and for all – which ultimately allows Alyson to leave Haddonfield and move on with her life.

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