F45 training now available at the Ping Center


If you’re looking for a high-intensity workout with daily activities, the Charles Ping Center’s new F45 training program for Ohio University students might just make you sweat.

Developed in Australia, the F45 workout combines elements of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), circuit training and functional training. The merging of these three training concepts has led to the development of 27 different 45-minute training experiences, and more are in development. This combination of interval training, cardiovascular and strength training has proven to be the most effective training method for burning fat and building lean muscle mass.

Ohio University began construction on its F45 training facility in 2020, including screens to watch demonstrations of the activities you take with your trainer in person. Originally slated to open in fall 2020, it was delayed due to COVID restrictions and finally opened in fall 2021.

“There are no mirrors in the studio as it really promotes a positive body-focused and team-oriented focus. So you shouldn’t be looking in the mirror when you work out, ”said Tony Gregory, Assistant Director of Wellness and Fitness.

Gregory said a lot of training is functional movement, which means it’s based on the movement you do every day in real activities.

“One of the benefits of the program is that no workout is ever the same. There are 27 different workouts in their schedule and the company continues to roll out new workouts. Even if a student had done this workout once, they would never do it again because they would change the exercises, ”said Gregory.

Classes can accommodate up to 27 participants, plus an instructor, with approximately nine stations per workout. About twenty lessons are offered each week. The Hollywood Workout, available Saturdays only, features 27 stations with two instructors. Participation requires a subscription ($ 50 per semester for unlimited classes) and a free trial will be offered at the end of the finals week.

Classes are offered in the Ping Center and memberships are available. For more questions or assistance, contact Gregory at [email protected], or call 740-593-9918.

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