Fine of 500 Dh for the movement of heavy vehicles in Abu Dhabi in foggy weather

Abu Dhabi police have banned heavy vehicle traffic in the emirate during foggy weather.
Image Credit: Abu Dhabi Police

Abu Dhabi: A fine of 500 Dh will be imposed on heavy goods vehicles found traveling on the roads of Abu Dhabi in foggy weather, the police in Abu Dhabi have warned.

Four traffic black spots will also be imposed on the driver, in accordance with Ministerial Resolution No. 178 of 2017 on Traffic Control Rules and Procedures, which aims to ensure road safety.

Awareness workshop

With the onset of winter, Abu Dhabi experienced mornings with dense fog, prompting police to issue the warning. The authorities recently organized an awareness-raising workshop in the Al Mafraq region for heavy truck drivers, in collaboration with the public transport regulator, the Department of Municipalities and the Integrated Transport Center (ITC) of the Department of Transport.

The workshop urged drivers to stop safely during times of fog and low visibility, and also taught them how to be safe on the roads in the face of sandstorms, precipitation and dust. The authorities further stressed that motorists must ensure that a safe distance is maintained between vehicles.

Police have asked drivers to be aware of weather forecasts and police alerts, and to respect speed limit reductions in inclement weather.

Driving in foggy weather

The ITC has published tips for safe driving in dense fog:

-Do not use the hazard lights except in an emergency.

-If visibility is very poor, stop at the nearest safe place and turn on the hazard warning lights.

-Trucks and heavy goods vehicles must stop in safe areas away from the road.

-School buses should not begin their journey until visibility improves.

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