For veteran OL Morgan Moses, the Jets have the “right recipe”


Last week against the Patriots, these “top five” (Fant, rookie Alijah Vera-Tucker, Connor McGovern, Greg Van Roten and Moses), after working in units all week, took the Jets’ offense to 152. rushing yards. Most of the yards were recovered by the Jets’ triple threat against the running back made up of Michael Carter (59 yards), Ty Johnson (50) and Tevin Coleman (24).

“The most important thing is communication,” Moses said. “I played football a lot with a lot of guys. Talking to George about last year, there were a lot of injuries. Him, GVR, all those guys last year, there wasn’t lots of games they’ve played together. As we all know communication is key on the offensive line. Bringing a veteran mindset to offensive line communication is what you saw on Sunday against the Patriots Communication was there.

Moses was an iron man of sorts, taking 5,920 offensive reps in the 2015-2020 regular season, ranked 19th in the NFL among all players during that span. And he’s started all 96 games in those six seasons (98 including the playoffs), one of eight NFL players and one of three O linemen to have 96 starts during that time. period.

The job of every offensive line is to protect the quarterback, and this is especially the case for the Jets, and to keep rookie quarterback Zach Wilson vertical and secure. The line struggled in Carolina’s opener when Wilson was sacked six times, and Wilson’s protection improved last week, but he’s been plagued by turnovers.

“I think the most important thing… in my career I have probably averaged four shifts a year, which is probably not a good thing,” said Moses. “But being a veteran, I sort of see it all. It’s precious when the fire is on to have a vet out there to calm the fire. Even with the turnovers, we kept running the ball and still have When things aren’t going how they’re supposed to go, having that veteran leadership out there to move forward is what you start to see now.

“I think the key is that everyone is talented in this league. We have another great defense coming up this week. [at Denver] and the key is not to make the same mistakes. I think that he [Wilson] has this pedigree, the pedigree to improve, the pedigree of a phenomenal talent, leader and football player. You see it by detailing what he does throughout the week. “

Asked how he felt as he was about to play his first home game at MetLife Stadium, Moses said: “Just being able to get out of that tunnel was amazing. I appreciate the fans, the fans. die-hard fans and vocals of the JETS. I absolutely love this. “

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