Fully Promoted Launches Enhanced Training Program

Fully Promoted, West Palm Beach, Florida, has launched an enhanced training program, adding an extra layer of support and education for franchise owners and their teams. The new program complements the existing training school and mentorship program and focuses on implementing a variety of innovative revenue streams that support new industry trends, technologies and products that can be integrated into the existing business model.

“Our enhanced training program is part of our ongoing investment in the success of our franchisees,” said Mike Brugger, president of the Fully Promoted brand. “We are constantly updating our support systems and finding ways to expand the knowledge and skills of our teams.”

Advanced training provides additional solutions and workarounds in response to global supply chain and supply challenges and builds on successful applications for growing trends within the industry. Fully Promoted is part of a family of affiliated brands within United Franchise Group (UFG), benefiting from its global network and nearly four decades in the franchise business.

The Training Committee regularly reviews tools to enhance the value of the training program for owners and their team members. So far in 2022, the committee has added seven new modules to continuing education selections and modified existing additional modules to optimize their applications. The ongoing commitment to training ensures owners have the skills and tools they need to succeed in the ever-changing business landscape. It also increases the variety of new and creative logo brand product offerings and promotional merchandise that keeps customers excited.

Offering online and in-person classes, ongoing guidance from expert business advisors, and a successful peer-to-peer mentorship program, Fully Promoted provides a wide variety of support for setting up and running a successful Fully Promoted store. Prior experience is not required to become a fully promoted franchise owner, so the one-month initial training school helps new franchisees get off to a good start, while experienced owners enjoy participating in ongoing training , including in-store support to train or retrain team members. .

With the new improvements, the fully upgraded training school now offers 50 modules which include:

  • In-depth analysis of the ordering and fulfillment process (better understand how each step of the process builds on the previous one)
  • Financial training
  • Training of external sales representatives
  • Lead generation training
  • Training in sourcing and outsourcing
  • Technological advice (additional support for the point of sale system and creation of online stores)
  • Presentations of the main suppliers

Full Promoted Franchise Owners each receive a Success Guide, reinforcing everything they learned during their initial training. They benefit from ongoing opportunities to learn, from regional meetings and vendor-sponsored training, through to the culmination of opportunities at the annual convention. Fully Promoted is the world’s largest branded product franchise, offering personalized products and an award-winning experience, backed by world-class training.

Source: Fully Promoted

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