Good mourning! The training support course deals with loss and grief

The Greater Trail Hospice Society (GTHS) will be hosting a series of bereavement support training workshops in November aimed at those traveling with bereaved people or those who work or want to work with those who have experienced loss and bereavement. sorrow.

“Grieving is natural, it’s a process we all have to deal with at some point and it’s one of life’s greatest challenges, but it can be hard to know how to comfort someone who is grieving. mourning,” said Brenda Hooper, president of The Greater Trail. Hospice Society. “It’s also a very personal experience. Everyone has their own timeline and their own way of managing it. There is no right or wrong way to grieve,” she adds.

The universal human experience of grief can be difficult, take much longer than expected, and have a significant impact on body, mind, and spirit. It can also be triggered by a loss – from a divorce, retirement, or miscarriage to losing a job, financial stability, or simply selling a house.

Explaining why the GTHS felt the need to launch training support for the bereaved community, Hooper says, “The pandemic has brought about an increase in grief, both death and changes in the way we live. For many, this grieving process has been delayed by failing to properly recognize and honor our losses. Grief overtakes them and they need help.

This experiential course will provide participants with theoretical and practical approaches to use with grieving adults. There will be an opportunity to improve and practice skills, reflect on personal experiences of loss and grief, and learn how to help grieving people talk about their feelings and reactions. At the end, they will discover how to support those who are struggling to cope, know how to help bereaved people to grow in their grief and to find meaning in the loss and in life as it is now.

The grief support training course is $30 and includes lunch and books. It spans three consecutive Saturdays and will take place November 5, 12, and 19 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Trail United Church Hall on Pine Avenue. To register, call 250-364-6204.

Head toward to learn more about bereavement, its myths and what you need to know about bereaved people. Details of its bereavement groups for adults and children as well as individual bereavement support are also available on the website.

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