Governor Newsom signs state budget law 7.16.21



SACRAMENTO – Following the adoption by the Legislature of the main remaining measures of the state budget architecture 2021-2022, Governor Gavin Newsom today signed the following legislation:

  • Budget Committee AB 134 – Mental Health Services Act: county program and expenditure plans.
  • AB 135 by the budget committee – personal services omnibus.
  • AB 136 by the Budget Committee – Development Services.
  • AB 137 by the budget committee – state government.
  • Budget Committee AB 138 – Employment: Health Care Benefits: Unemployment Insurance: Policies and Practices.
  • AB 143 by the budget committee – Courts.
  • AB 145 by the Budget Committee – Public Security.
  • AB 149 by the Budget Committee – Transport.
  • AB 150 by the Budget Committee – Sales and use tax law: Personal income tax law: Corporation tax law: Budget law 2021
  • AB 153 by the budget committee – Public social services.
  • AB 164 by Assembly Member Philip Ting (D-San Francisco) – 2021 Finance Law.
  • SB 157 of the Budget and Tax Review Committee – Crime Prevention: Enforcement and Training Programs.
  • SB 160 by Budget and Tax Review Committee – Cannabis Control Department: licensing: designations of origin: commercial samples.

Further details regarding the 2021 Finance Law can be found in the Budget Summary adopted by the Ministry of Finance at


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