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Track and field athlete Bashticaningham tells Hollywood Life about the preparation process for the Tokyo Olympics in 2021 and the “right squeeze” from the family of well-known athletes.

Track and field athlete Bashty Cunningham No obstacle blocks its way to Tokyo Olympics 2021..The 23-year-old high jump recently HollywoodLife Ahead of the preparation process for the next Summer Olympics, the “right pressure” from the families of famous athletes and the start of the international multisport event on July 23.

Bashticaningham will compete at the IAAF World Athletics Championships in Qatar in September 2019. (Shutterstock)

What is Vashti’s training plan for the past few months? Avoiding the disease inside Global health crisis,clearly. “The only thing I know I’m going to change as I get closer to the Olympics is that I think I’m the one around me,” the athlete told HL. “Maybe no one, but I don’t risk getting sick or being around people who must miss an opportunity because of the disease, so I reduce the number of people to about 100 percent every day.”

“Before I left, I reached the point of loneliness,” Vashti explained. The athletes made their Olympic debut at Rio 2016 Olympic Games At the age of 18, when he traveled to Tokyo again, High Jumper, the youngest athletics star since 1980, is aiming for medals, according to his career. “I’m really, really excited and a little worried, but I’m more focused than ever,” she said. “We focus on training, keeping good mental space and staying in good physical health.”

A formidable field star with three world championship medals (one gold, one silver, one bronze) is flanked by her famous father. Randall CunninghamA former football quarterback who played primarily in the Philadelphia Eagles and the NFL. (Yes, that means she is also a niece Sam cunninghamFormer NFL football fullback, played for the New England Patriots. )

Bashticaningham won the bronze medal at the IAAF World Athletics Championships in Qatar in October 2019 (Shutterstock)

Coming from a family of elite athletes, it can be intimidating for some, but Vashti told HL he welcomes “good” pressure. “It’s like I’m putting a lot of pressure on myself,” she said. “I really like that everyone around me is on the same level and strengthens each other, so I’m not the only one who accepts being the only professional child in my family.” Vashti said: I added that. “It’s more positive pressure.” I boost you and you boost me. We. ‘”

“I am truly grateful for all the accomplishments my family has made before me. [the ones] They will have it later, ”continued Vashti. “It gives me more lessons and more ideas to learn when I come to a particular situation. Regarding Vashti’s post-Olympic goals, photo enthusiasts reveal: I did. National Geographic photographer. I want people to know this. It was my dream when God finished his career that has blessed me so far. “

For more information on Team USA, please visit Olympic It will debut on NBC on July 23.

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