How to Start The Little Gym Franchise Location in 2022

The Little Gym Franchise Opportunity

The Little Gym is the world’s premier physical enrichment and development center for children aged four months to 12 years. Robin Wes, kinesiologist, musician and innovative educator, founded the company in 1976. Wes created The Little Gym to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment for children. This non-competitive space is ideal for children to explore their physical development, while promoting emotional, intellectual and social growth. The Little Gym currently operates across the United States and in dozens of countries. The Little Gym offers classes for children in dance, gymnastics, Kindermusic and karate. There are also enjoyable extras like birthday parties, parent survival parties, and camps. Since its beginnings as a franchise in 1992, the company has more than 400 locations and is now part of the franchise company Unleashed Brands.

No one beats The Little Gym International, Inc. in developing age-appropriate events – that’s why we’re the #1 choice among kids’ gym franchises. We are passionate about celebrating childhood and are proud to work with renowned partners and brands who share our core values ​​and beliefs. Our exclusive, step-by-step lesson plans make it easy for you and your team to deliver exceptional programs in your community.

There are three distinct programs offered by The Little Gym franchise, including:

  • Parent/Child—Suitable Aimed at children 4 months to 3 years old, these classes from Little Gym promote early development, work on motor skills and lay the foundation for a child’s critical early years.
  • Preschool/kindergarten gymnastics‐ The preschool gymnastics program helps children ages 3 to 6 channel their boundless energy and achieve developmental milestones in a fun and structured environment.
  • Primary school gymnastics‐ Children take on new challenges at their own skill level in a fun and supportive environment in this gymnastics program for elementary schools.

Capitalizing on over 45 years of hands-on experience, early childhood research and thoughtful parent feedback, The Little Gym has developed a unique program based on a holistic “three-dimensional” approach to learning. Through this philosophy, we challenge children to master new physical, emotional and life skills, laying the foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits. Here is an explanation for each dimension:

  • To move – Fun physical activity is at the heart of the Petit Gym program. Children build flexibility and strength, develop balance and coordination, and improve agility, rhythm, and overall fitness.
  • brain stimulation – Through all programs, children develop listening skills, sustained concentration, creative expression and problem solving. These skills help prepare children for school and reinforce the lessons learned by school-aged children.
  • child citizen – With physical activity as a framework, children learn life skills such as sharing, group work, cooperation and leadership – all valuable tools to help them become well-rounded and balanced citizens of their world .

How much does The Little Gym franchise cost?

To open a franchise with The Little Gym, here are the financial requirements, necessary cash flow and common franchise fees associated with business ownership:

Initial franchise fee: $59,500

Initial investment: $320,100 – $508,500

Net worth required: $250,000 – $750,000

Cash requirement: $75,000 – $200,000

10% discount on franchise fees for veterans

Royalty: 8%

Advertising fee: 5%

Duration of the contract: 10 years

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The Little Gym offers in-house financing to cover franchise fees only, but the brand also has relationships with third-party sources that offer financing to cover the following: start-up costs, equipment, inventory, accounts receivable and payroll.

Little Gym support and training

The Little Gym International, Inc. is proud to be a global leader in the children’s franchise industry and we work hard to retain that title. We make sure our franchise owners have everything they need to succeed. Our advice covers all areas of your business, from pre-opening and business growth to marketing and financial plans. We also offer training that will ensure you understand all aspects of our business model.

We offer our new gym franchise owners the following support:

  • Pre-opening sales team—This will be one of the most important lifelines during your pre-opening phase. They will help you with everything from site selection, construction, financial analysis, marketing and training support, and an operational plan. Simply put, they will make sure you are fully prepared to launch your business smoothly.
  • business consultant—Your Business Consultant will ensure that you are on the fast track to growth. They’ll make sure your goals align with your current operational, marketing, and training plans.
  • Field Advisor—Once you are up and running, our field consultant will be with you long term. As current franchise owners themselves, with a track record of success, they have insight like no one else and can provide advice and recommendations based on their own real experiences.

The Little Gym is also a great training center. Our program and training team is here to ensure Little Gym franchise owners are prepared every step of the way. From real-life gym sessions to hands-on regional training to our comprehensive online training system, you can rest easy knowing you’ll always have someone here to help you navigate this journey.

  • Pre-opening training—In the months leading up to your opening, our trainers will prepare you and key members of your team for a smooth opening. You will participate in an 8-day training session in our 3,000 square foot training facility. And you will also complete a week-long course where you can practice your skills in a fully operational gym.
  • employee training—Also before opening, you will learn about our online training system, which provides the tools you need to train your team and develop their skills. It takes a member of the team from beginner instructor to master level instructor. This exclusive system developed by our Curriculum and Training team ensures quality and continuity between The Little Gym franchises.
  • Training in progress— Once your gym is open, we continue to help you grow with regional and local workouts that provide you and your team with new ideas and innovative ways to run your gym. sport.

With our advice and training, you will achieve incredible things! If you want to know more, just fill out this form and take the first step towards owning a kids gym franchise.

Become a franchisee with The Little Gym

In franchise with The Little Gym, we will give you the opportunity to witness the incredible journey of child development. The company offers its franchisees a chance to make a difference in the lives of children, families and the community. Becoming a franchisee can be a rewarding experience. The company was classified in Entrepreneur Franchise 500 several times over the past decade as a leading children’s franchise. The franchise’s roadmap to success also includes the latest technology in youth enrichment, with custom dashboards for benchmarking and tracking gym success.

Opportunities are still available in major territories and The Little Gym International, Inc. is aiming for greater growth. The brand’s thriving system is filled with franchisees from all walks of life, ranging from current business owners and teachers to marketing and sales executives. No gymnastics or childcare experience is required to own a children’s fitness franchise. Le Petit Gym is looking for entrepreneurs passionate about children who have qualities such as:

  • Existing owners looking to diversify their portfolios in the youth enrichment space
  • Passionate about impacting multiple communities
  • Team leadership experience
  • Work on the business, not in the business
  • Understands our main customers, but has a team to interact with them
  • Systems and process oriented

There are eight easy steps to becoming a franchise owner with The Little Gym, as follows:

  1. Objectives, overview and your decision criteria
  2. Brand Review
  3. Request for consideration
  4. Introduction to financial partners and territory analysis
  5. Franchise Disclosure Document Business Review
  6. Attend the launch day event
  7. Final Franchisee & Financial Validation
  8. Sign your franchise agreement and start your journey to Happily Ever After!

Success comes in many forms: starting a financially rewarding business, being your own boss, spending more time with your family, helping local kids grow and develop, promoting fitness for kids, or providing employment and growth opportunities for team members. No matter what’s most important to you, one thing is true: owning your very own The Little Gym will be a life-changing experience. If you would like more franchise information, simply complete this form and take the first step to owning a children’s gym franchise.

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