Huawei and DCDT launch Women 4 Tech digital skills training program


Nonkqubela Jordan-Dyani, ADG DCDT

NOT.uawei south africaPartnership with Department of Digital Technology CommunicationOfficially launched Women4Tech Digital Skills Training ProgramWith the presence of 107 people Female entrepreneur.. This initiative aims to help women improve their skills and use new technologies to develop, improve and digitize their businesses.

The program aims to help women entrepreneurs advance technology with three specific technical skill sets: cloud computing, digital marketing, and application development credentials. In addition to training, participants will also be offered the opportunity to network with other successful women entrepreneurs, including award-winning app developers within the Huawei mobile app ecosystem.

“Our Women4Tech program attracts female business leaders from across the country. Remember that women and girls are hit hardest by the Covid-19 pandemic and they will bridge the digital gender divide. Our program aims to empower women-owned businesses to participate fully in the digital economy. No one is left behind in the march towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution or 4IR. It’s important not to be, and that’s why our Women’s Lunar Initiative resonates more, ”said Huawei.

Deputy Director of Communication and Digital, Nonkqubela Jordan-Dyani “It’s always an honor to be with a partner, especially Huawei. I have personally dealt with Huawei since signing a digital skills cooperation agreement with Huawei in 2016. ”

“This digital skills training program is important to us as a country. Required skills The set necessary to support and develop our ICT sector. It’s amazing how resilient our industry has been during the pandemic. We are all grappling with the current losses, but we believe that the ICT industry will continue to exist and may be stronger than it was before. In particular, the department is developing a five-year digital skills implementation program and each year launches and organizes the digital skills conference to revitalize and strengthen digital skills development partnerships in order to mobilize and attract investment. reviews. Decided to do 4NOT. The learning field of the industrial revolution (4IR). The main objective of the symposium is to ensure that the division’s mission of leading digital transformation creates new opportunities for South Africans to participate in the digital economy, ”Jordan said.

The Women4Tech program began with an introduction to cloud computing by Michael Langeveld, vice president of Huawei Cloud Southern Africa. “The cloud allows us to solve the problems here and bring those solutions to the world,” he said. “When it comes to the cloud, there are two types of environments. One is about people who consume cloud products and the second is about value creators who create and resell cloud functionality. I think the latter has great opportunities. . “

According to Langeveld, Huawei has already seen entrepreneurs seize this opportunity to run their businesses. Langeveld adds that Huawei’s local data center makes it easier for entrepreneurs to benefit from Huawei Cloud.

This digital marketing course is offered by renowned entrepreneur, investor and writer Musaka Brick. “Over the past decade, consumers have changed their need for information and the way it is consumed. Technology has evolved to the point where the consumer context has gone digital. The importance of digital marketing is strategic. With built-in communication, it’s easy to track and monitor how you reach, engage and convert consumers, ”says Kalenga.

Women4Tech will run until August 25, and attendees will receive a 6-month Huawei Cloud subscription and certificate of participation upon termination.

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