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Montgomery County, Tennessee – On June 16, 2022, Montgomery County Sheriff Fuson, Deputy Chief Joe Thomas and community stakeholders hosted a recognition and graduation ceremony for current and former inmates of the jail.

Stakeholders included Nashville State Community College, Clarksville-Montgomery County School System (CMCSS), Montgomery County Economic Development Council, Industrial Development Board (IDB), and Workforce Essentials.

This particular program for inmates is part of the state’s initiative in conjunction with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office to reduce recidivism rates among those released from prison. The established program is a 48-hour hands-on education program with the desire that these men reenter society with a trade they could put to immediate use.

Some of the skills taught in the Industrial Readiness Program included: Communications, Emotional Intelligence, Glub Box and Mechanics – Core Components, OSHA 10, Relationship Building, Tuning Basics machine and teamwork in a manufacturing environment.

“This first graduation helps pave the way for success for these thirteen inmates,” Sheriff Fuson said. “The goal may be to help reduce recidivism, but there is a person behind every inmate in my custody Many have never had the opportunity to learn a new skill, work in a trade, or even understand how that skill or trade can change the course of their lives.This program gives them that opportunity. I personally thank Nashville State Community College, CMCSS, as well as our own BID and the Council of Economic Development and Workforce Essentials for partnering on this training course, and I look forward to partnering with many others who will have contacted, to expand to other impactful programs in the near future.

Montgomery County Sheriff John Fuson speaks to Montgomery County graduate inmates.
Montgomery County Sheriff John Fuson speaks to Montgomery County graduate inmates.

Deputy Chief Deputy Thomas said: ‘Sheriff Fuson and I have been working to create a series of new inmate programs designed to give those re-entering society after incarceration a better chance of landing a job or even a job. career. This program is the first of many to come with our goal of reducing recidivism rates. We are fortunate to have such passionate speakers ready to bring their expertise to this program. We wish good luck to the graduates of this program.

Sheriff Fuson presented each graduate with their certificate, congratulated them and wished them well in their future endeavours.

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