Italian UNIFIL troops distribute aid in southern Lebanon

ROME: Food and health aids, as well as school supplies and sports equipment were distributed by Italian soldiers of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon to the inhabitants of southern Lebanon on the occasion of Christmas .

Sanitary equipment and personal protection tools and detergents were offered by the soldiers of the Lancieri di Novara regiment to the inhabitants of the city of Tire.

Kana Technical School received medical supplies such as face masks and hand detergents to combat COVID-19, in addition to educational equipment such as chairs, desks, blackboards and maps .

These were donated by the Municipality of Trieste, a city in northeastern Italy, following a fundraiser.

“Kana Technical School represents a point of reference for the community because here many local students acquire mechanical, technical and commercial skills, which will be an asset for the economic revival of the region”, said Colonel Marco Licari of the Italian army. Arab News.

“That is why we are trying to do our best to help this school as well as many other educational institutions in the region,” he added.

“We are trying to be close in a concrete way to the population, especially the young people who are the future of this country.”

The principal of the school, Farid Shaaban, thanked the Italian army for its active contribution in the light of a secular cultural bond between Italy and Lebanon.

More personal protective equipment and school furniture were provided by Italian soldiers in the town of Al-Mansouri, where the principal of the local public primary school Mohammed Shoueikh pointed out how the equipment donated by the Italians “is essential to enable young students to follow their path. lessons regularly and safely.

General Stefano Lagorio, commander of the Italian contingent of UNIFIL, said: “The situation here is not easy. This has worsened further with the political and financial crisis that has affected this country and the people for so long. We are soldiers, but we are trying to do our best so that people can live this Christmas with a little more serenity.

UNIFIL operates in Lebanon under UN Security Council Resolution 1701, continuously monitoring the cessation of hostilities in southern Lebanon and providing support to the Armed Forces and the Lebanese people.

The Italian UNIFIL peacekeepers handed over sports equipment to children and young people from needy families in the municipalities of Abbasyiah and Bidyas.

In a small ceremony at a local football pitch, sweatpants, soccer balls and shoes were donated for Christmas to the Lebanese population by companies based in the Emilia-Romagna region of the northern Italy.

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