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MoveStrong had the opportunity to work closely with Western Kentucky University’s ROTC program to create a new outdoor training facility.

BOWLING GREEN, KENTUCKY, USA, Feb. 7, 2022 / — MoveStrong, a US-based manufacturer and marketer of functional fitness training products, recently had the opportunity to work with the program ROTC at Western Kentucky University to create an outdoor training facility for trainees and cadets.

The idea for this collaboration was based on creating an outdoor space that included custom workout equipment based on the university and their ROTC’s fitness programs.

The MoveStrong line of obstacle course products offers a 20-foot horizontal rope climbing station. In addition to two horizontal 20-foot door ropes stretched between vertical posts, pull ours to each and provide more bodyweight training options. Horizontal rope climbing is a staple of military training and is part of many obstacle courses.

A unique functional training station custom designed to accommodate battle ropes and medicine ball targets. Six of the custom training stations have been installed as part of the layout to accommodate multiple users training together

Some custom equipment was needed to facilitate training for the ROTC program. A 20ft rope climb and cargo net station has been designed to be installed as part of the outdoor layout and training equipment. Choose between all climbing ropes or a combination of Cargo Net and Rope Climbs. Ringtone option at the top for users to notify others when the top is reached! MADE IN USA quality built for year-round outdoor use.

Visit the ROTC Outdoor Training Program to learn more about the plan, custom installations and training layout for installation in detail. ROTC is a group of college training programs that prepares trainees to enter the United States Armed Forces. These outdoor training aids and custom-made equipment allow cadets to follow their military training with an emphasis on the development of mental and physical abilities.

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