NBA Media Day Live Updates: Hawks, Wizards Kick Off as Training Camps Begin

The last time LA Clippers president of basketball operations Lawrence Frank spoke was on NBA draft night, and Kawhi Leonard was the main topic of conversation. At the time, Frank wasn’t ready to state that Leonard was allowed to work a five-on-five.

Fast forward to Thursday, about five days before the start of Clippers training camp in Las Vegas and four days before Clippers media day, and Frank provided the necessary update: Kawhi Leonard has been cleared.

“Kawhi is all about one thing,” Frank said Thursday. “A lot of encouraging news. Organization, we know what the big picture is. We know what our goal is. And we will be very careful and take a methodical approach.”

If there was another word besides the approach Frank often repeated when talking about Leonard, it was “cautious.” Yes, Leonard is allowed to work five-on-five, but the team is ‘very cautious in approach’. And that’s how it should be. After all, as Frank describes it, Leonard is a unique athlete.

“You’re not just rehabbing one knee, you’re rehabbing the whole body,” Frank said, describing Leonard’s diligent rehabilitation that certainly left Leonard as bloated as ever.

Photo: Darren Yamashita/USA TODAY

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