New Axxess Training and Certification Program Now Available Across the Home Care Industry

The training program is open free of charge to non-Axxess customers

DALLAS, June 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — To meet the daily challenges of workforce development and staffing in the home care industry, Axxess has expanded and redesigned its Axxess training and certification program. The program creates a standard for knowledge and skills in the home health, home care and palliative care industry. Axxess is also opening the program up to be available to everyone, including non-Axxess customers, at no cost.

“We’ve all seen the data and the headlines regarding workforce development and staffing in the home care industry,” said the founder and CEO of Axxess. Jean Olajide. “The consensus is clear that providing a distance learning experience and growth opportunities are key to attracting and retaining staff. The Axxess training and certification program puts this goal within reach. Through these courses, staff can easily learn their current role and explore new areas that pique their curiosity without stepping out of their organization.”

The Axxess training and certification program leverages industry expertise as well as training in Axxess solutions to provide continuous training and development for leaders and staff at all levels. Through a robust online program using a series of targeted training modules, participants are trained and tested on their understanding of home care industry standards and Axxess solutions in shorter sections that can be completed in one alone or between other tasks. Participants can earn certification from foundational to expert level in clinical, operational, and financial streams.

Olajide added, “There is enormous potential in other areas of healthcare. Through the training courses of this program, staff from other acute and post-acute care settings can be exposed to the intricacies of care at This creates opportunities for an influx of current or retired healthcare workers who want to make a change while leveraging their skills.”

Several leading consultancies have completed their work on the program and speak highly of its potential to help home care organizations thrive.

“To be successful, organizations must balance finance, compliance and quality,” said Angela Huff, Management Consultant at FORVIS, formerly BKD, LLP. “The Axxess training and certification program is designed to help staff understand the ‘why’ behind their work. And it makes it easier to retrain staff who need extra guidance. »

Axxess client companies such as Liberty Home Care and Hospice see the program as a way to onboard and train their staff on a large scale.

“For our clinicians, the Axxess training and certification program is going to create so many efficiencies. It will give us a standard way to properly train our staff,” said Holly MacDonaldPresident of Liberty Home Care and Palliative Care Services. “With an organization our size, we needed a way to consistently train our staff. When we saw this program, we immediately knew it was the solution we needed.”

Users of the Axxess training and certification program will also soon be able to access leading home health training, industry news and reference resources from DecisionHealth. As part of Axxess’ partnership with DecisionHealth, those who complete the Axxess training and certification program will also be eligible for the Board of Medical Specialty Coding and CEU OASIS & Compliance (BMSC) for relevant credentials.

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