Omnicom Media Group Launches Career Changer Program

Omnicom Media Group (OMG) has announced the launch of a $3 million program designed to attract career changers to the media agency industry in response to the talent shortage, particularly at mid-levels.

The program, which will be called [email protected], will provide successful applicants with all the training they need to successfully switch careers and begin the journey towards building a fulfilling, long-term career in media.

OMG anticipates that applicants will have a range of diverse backgrounds from fields such as finance, real estate, auditing and customer service.

The positions initially offered through the [email protected] program are all paid full-time positions offering a competitive salary designed to allow most candidates to change careers along the way.

CEO of Omnicom Media Group Pierre Horgan said of the new program, “The media agency industry offers valuable careers for those who seek the opportunity to make a real difference, to influence the people, businesses and communities in which we live.

“This new initiative from OMG is about welcoming people currently working in other industries into our industry, educating them about the opportunities available to them, and giving them all the support they need to get started.”

The recruitment campaign started on Thursday 1st September with advertising for the program to appear on a wide range of channels.

It is hoped that program participants will have a similar experience to Lucy Woodwardhead of planning at media agency OMG, Foundation: “I made the switch from audit to media five years ago and have never looked back.

“I enjoy the diversity and creativity in my role, which has been made even more interesting with the variety of clients, colleagues and partners I have encountered along the way. I was surprised how many of my skills were transferable and valued in the media, so I felt like I was not doing it again,” she added.

[email protected] will be led by Alanna Bowmana former senior investment manager at PHD Sydney, the program will combine both theoretical learning presented by OMG specialists and practical training on dedicated client teams such as Telstra, Suncorp, Coles, Vic Gov, Unilever, VW, Asahi and ANZ Bank.

Participants will have the opportunity to specialize in one of several areas such as programming, media investment or media planning.

Bowman said: “There are so many people who start a career and after a few years realize they are unhappy. They are looking for a change, but the prospect of starting over in a new area can be overwhelming.

[email protected] was designed to provide support, training and guidance to these individuals as they embark on their journey to media. I hope media professionals will hear about [email protected] and recommend it. to their friends and family,” she added.

Applications will be closed on Sunday 2n/a October with the launch of the program in early November.

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