Petco promotes healthy summer habits for pets, shares essential tips for improving their exercise routine and overall health


New Ad Campaign Highlights Role of Exercise and Play in Pet Health and Well-Being

SAN DIEGO, June 29, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Petco Health and Wellness Company, Inc. (NASDAQ: WOOF), a Full Partner in Pet Health and Wellness, Highlights the Health Benefits of Exercise and play with new advertisement, and sharing timely tips and recommendations to help encourage fun and safe physical and mental activity for pets.

Petco promotes healthy summer habits for pets, shares essential tips for improving their exercise routine and overall health.

Under its new brand platform “This is what we would want if we were pets,” Petco reaffirms its commitment to providing the same comprehensive approach to pet care that humans expect for themselves by emphasizing the physical, social and mental benefits that are unlocked with an exercise and play routine. To start this summer off on the right foot, Petco recommends the following tips for addressing overall pet health this summer:

  • Get great deals on health and wellness products: Of July 11 to July 24, 2021, Petco is bringing its beloved dog and cat mascots to play for the company’s biggest summer sale, the “Ruff and Mews Sales Event,” with great deals spanning a variety of categories such as treats, food, toys, furniture, supplies and more. With this sales event, Ruff and Mews are helping pet parents gain convenient and affordable access to health and wellness products for their pets with promotions of up to 40% off the price. dog and cat food and treats, up to 50% off travel supplies and more than 60% off dog and cat beds. *

  • Fuel pets’ bodies with nutrition free of artificial ingredients ** to support exercise and play: There are many factors that can contribute to changes in exercise and diet for pets, so summer is a great time to reassess what they are consuming and determine the right nutrition for their individual needs. From JustFoodForDogs Daily Diets Frozen Chicken and White Rice Dog Food and Blue Buffalo Blue Wilderness Dry Cat Food for Adult Indoor Chicken Recipe, to Kaytee’s Hamster Food and Higgins Sunburst Food for parakeets, Petco provides high quality nutrition for all pets in the house to help fuel their daily activity, including physical and mental exercise and play time.

  • Remember the importance of physical and mental stimulation: Physical and mental exercise, including various types of play, is important for all types of pets, including dogs, cats, fish, birds, reptiles, and small pets. With the increase in travel and time spent outdoors during the summer, it’s important to make sure pets get enough physical activity, including walks, runs, and hikes, as well. mental stimulation through interactive toys like the KONG Classic Dog Toy and the West Paw Chew Toy Assorted Qwizl Treat. Other products such as You & Me’s 3-in-1 Bird Playground and Oxbow Enriched Life Shake, Rattle & Roll Chew for Rabbits can also help keep pets stimulated and engaged. Lack of exercise and play can lead to physical, social, and mental challenges, with warning signs such as weight gain, restlessness, hyperactivity or rough play, destructive behavior, barking or moaning, withdrawal or listlessness. The right amount of exercise and play will vary depending on the animal, breed, and stage of life, so pet parents should consult a trusted veterinarian to better understand each animal’s needs. To educate pet parents about the importance of exercising with pets and playing in a fun and unique way, Petco plans to host an exciting Facebook Live event to help pets develop healthy habits. this summer and beyond. Pet parents can follow Petco on social media to learn more this summer.

  • Create memories on the go and travel safely with essential supplies: After spending the past year in quarantine, pet parents are eager to revisit their travel plans. Parents of pets can create new experiences and memories with their pets by taking them on adventures, but must keep them safe with supplies like the Reddy Gray Pet Booster Seat, Adapter EveryYay Road Trippin ‘black seat belt, the Reddy Road Trip Crash-Test dog harness and The Original Sherpa dog carrier. Pets should also have easy access to food and water throughout their travels, and portable necessities like the Open-Air Eats Pink Folding Bowl from EveryYay are the perfect solution for on-the-go. As temperatures rise, products such as the Good2Go Cooling Dog Vest, Reddy Canvas Cozy & Cool-Touch Dog Bed, and EveryYay Come Out & Play Outdoor Cat Lounge with Tent can help keep pets cool for a while. the hottest summer months. For those traveling to the beach or lake this summer, toys like Leaps & Bounds Splash & Dash Floating Flyer Water Dog Toy can keep dogs cool, busy and entertained in a fetch game.

  • Plan ahead for parasite prevention and supplements: Summer is the peak season for parasites, which are not only uncomfortable for pets, but also lead to infections and illnesses. Petco offers a variety of pest control products and treatments, including collars, topicals, pills, shampoos and garden treatments. Parents of pets can take additional preventative measures by helping to fight their pets’ allergies with PetArmor Allergy Relief Tablets for Dogs and Homeo Pet Feline Nose Relief for Cats. For older pets with hip and joint pain, a break from playtime may be beneficial, as well as offerings such as NaturVet Joint Health Level 3 Dog Soft Chew or Cosequin Joint Health Plus Boswellia Cat Supplement, which can help support their healthy cartilage and joints. Plus, summer vacations like July 4th can be overwhelming for pets as it often involves loud noises, fireworks, and new people. To help combat stress and anxiety, pet parents can consider soothing solutions like Well & Good Calming Chews for Dogs or Feliway Classic Plug-In Diffuser for Cats.

  • Follow routine animal care: To ensure pets are ready for increased physical activity during the summer, routine maintenance is essential. Petco’s annual paid plan, Vital care, provides a convenient and economical way for parents of pets to meet the daily welfare needs of their pets. The program offers benefits for a range of services, including grooming and routine veterinary exams, as well as monthly Pals rewards and a welcome gift. Dog grooming provides personalized treatments for pets based on their unique needs, including dry skin, fleas, and molting, which can be exacerbated due to the summer heat. As dogs play outdoors more often during the summer, routine haircuts can also help keep them cool. Even more important is making sure pets are up to date with their vaccinations during the summer due to time spent outdoors and interaction with other pets. And, to help with behavioral training that facilitates safe socialization and play, pet parents can enroll their pets in Petco’s Positive Reinforcement Dog Training Program, available both online and at centers. pet care products.

For more summer tips, pet products and services, visit With summer specials available at Petco Pet Care Centers, online, and through the easy-to-use Petco App, pet parents can shop in a variety of safe, convenient and affordable ways.

* Exclusions apply. Selection and availability may vary by store.
** Find out how Petco defines artificial ingredients at

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Petco (PRNewsFoto / Petco)



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