Scott Lindsey says work at Swindon Town training ground evident in Rochdale win

SWINDON Town head coach Scott Lindsey felt the amount of work his side put in on the training ground was crucial to the club’s 3-0 win over Rochdale on Saturday.

Jacob Wakeling scored in the opening 30 seconds to start Town’s afternoon off on the right foot, and Jonny Williams doubled the hosts’ advantage five minutes into the second half.

Harry McKirdy scored his second goal of the season in the final 10 minutes to cap off a result Swindon richly deserved.

MATCH REPORT: Swindon Town cruise to a 3-0 win over Rochdale.

It was Town’s first win of the season at the sixth attempt, and head coach Lindsey was delighted to see his ever-improving side finally earning their just desserts.

He said: “We’ve been waiting a long time for this elusive win, and it came today in the form of a win over Rochdale, so I’m really thrilled.

“We worked very hard on how we want to play, how we want to press, and it was really obvious today that we had done a lot of work on the training ground. I thought the guys were exceptional.

Town’s cozy afternoon began with a goal that Wakeling created out of thin air. The striker forced Ben Nelson into an error before pushing the ball under Richard O’Donnell.

Lindsey was delighted with the moment which summed up his young striker’s best attributes and said it paved the way for his side to play with a confidence that ran through everyone’s veins.

Lindsey said: “The way we pressed was really nice. It was seen with the first goal, I know it was a mistake, but this mistake is not made if he is not in a hurry. Wakeling never stops running, he presses tirelessly, I was really happy about that.

“I was also very happy with how calm we were playing from the back. I think we picked some great moments and played good football.

“When you’re a possession-based team, you play with a bit more swagger when you win games – we certainly did that in the second half.”

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