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Having a choice is not always part of the deal

When it’s cold outside, people living in tents need something to keep warm. When it is hot outside, people living on the streets need to cool down. Living in your car or in a tent isn’t a first choice for most people, but having a choice isn’t always part of the deal for people trying to get by.

I know Tracy Peacock from the Rotary Club of Tacoma #8. I’ve known Richard since the 1970s. I love what Tracy has done with her efforts at St. Vinnies. Free backpacks for those involved with both Tracy and Richard and included many small items including a blanket and other useful additions. As the weather warmed up, Richard started asking people for donations like water bottles. Now when I buy a pack of twenty-four bottles of water, I buy another twenty-four and drop off the pack for Richard to deliver to me.

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Richard goes out and visits Pierce County camps and keeps track of small items people need. Even just a packet of bandages is often appreciated. Tracy helps when people come to St. Vinnies. Tracy provided assistance with rent and utilities and sometimes covered the cost of a motel for families.

These days, a gas card is a godsend for many people. Richard says “I wish you could see how much people appreciate an unexpected favor, a bottle of water, but oh my god, a gas card lights people up! That’s one less problem for the day that must be resolved.

St. Vinnies and its Homelessness and Basic Needs Prevention Program – “We help those struggling to pay for basic needs such as rent, utilities, gas cards, credit cards- grocery gifts, emergency motel vouchers and more.” –

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