Tamkeen supports training around 100 Bahrainis in iOS app development using rapid programming

The Labor Fund (Tamkeen) has signed a strategic cooperation with Bahrain Polytechnic to train 100 Bahrainis in Swift and iOS application development under the Apple iOS program, providing the local market with a talent pool of native Swift developers, a skill much sought after. in Bahrain and abroad. This initiative is part of Tamkeen’s plan to support the training and development of Bahraini talent in emerging technology skills to improve their competitiveness locally and internationally.

The first cohort participating in the training course will include 25 Bahraini students and is expected to start in October at Bahrain Polytechnic, which is home to the first Apple Authorized Training Center in Bahrain and the second in the region. Participants will learn mobile development based on Apple Swift Fundamentals and Data Collection. The course will be taught by Apple Certified Trainers and will offer a Professional Certificate (Level 1 of iOS Application Development). At the end of the program, participants will have access to a one-month internship to apply the skills acquired during the training period.

Applications for the course will be made through the Bahrain Polytechnic website https://ios.polytechnic.bh, where registration will be open until September 25. Candidates do not need any programming experience and must follow an intensive morning program seven days a week for a total of 9 weeks.

Commenting on this initiative, Ms. Maha Mofeez, Acting Managing Director of the Labor Fund (Tamkeen), stressed the importance of developing and retraining Bahraini talent to prepare them for change and ensure that the private sector has access to high quality that can support business growth and success. She said: “We are committed to having a greater impact on the economy of the Kingdom by fulfilling our role in the government-led economic recovery plan and through our support to all economic sectors while encouraging sectors to strong potential that can drive innovation, productivity and sustainability in the national economy.”

She added, “Through this partnership with Bahrain Polytechnic, we aim to prepare qualified Bahraini talents specializing in iOS development to keep up with the growing smart phone market and pave the way for them to obtain quality work opportunities and support their career development”

CEO of Bahrain Polytechnic, Professor Ciarán Ó Catháin, welcomed this initiative by Tamkeen and commented, “We are delighted to partner with Tamkeen to deliver this program which meets the demands of the local job market and beyond. We look forward to equipping Bahrainis with the necessary technical skills and knowledge to enter the field of iOS development and achieve career growth in this industry.

Earlier this year, Tamkeen embarked on an organization-wide transformation initiative that resulted in the launch of 16 support programs with the aim of achieving greater economic impact in the national economy. Bahrainis can get support for this course through Tamkeen’s human capital support programs: Train Me, Train and Grow and Train and Place.

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