“Train well and eat clean,” says VJ Bani; Her fitness secret revealed!


“There are so many myths related to proteins,” says VJ Bani. Read here to know her fitness secret.

VJ Bani reveals she regularly strength-training

Protein is an essential macronutrient that you should add to your daily diet. It supports your muscles and various bodily functions. Protein also plays an important role in muscle recovery after training. Protein also plays an important role in weight loss. It keeps you full longer and suppresses hunger. This macronutrient is also good for your bones. There are many dietary sources of protein such as chicken, eggs, cottage cheese, tofu, legumes, dairy products, and more.

There are several myths surrounding protein that can prevent many people from getting the right amount of protein. Pointing out the same, Judge VJ Gurbani, known as Bani J, said: “There are so many myths related to protein. The list is endless. Many also confuse protein or protein supplements with steroids. . “

Bani gives major fitness goals to his fans. She regularly shares fitness-related posts on Instagram. “My definition of fitness is a healthy lifestyle, physically challenging myself on a daily basis, eating healthy to properly nourish my body and enjoy my life. Also, training for longevity,” she said in an online interaction with Doctorndtv.

VJ Bani’s fitness routine

She further shares her fitness secret and reveals her exercise routine and diet. “I powerlifting 9 out of 10 times. The workouts were personally designed for me by my trainer because I do strength training.”

“I don’t eat fads, I eat to fuel my body so that I can train well. I prefer to eat whole foods and always have a shake after training or to start the day,” he comments. her when asked about her diet. plan.

In the end, she motivates her fans to exercise without fail. “Get up and go! As I know I have to – I don’t give myself the option of not working out. There is no secret to fitness, I work out. consistently eating clean for over a decade, ”she concludes.

(Actor and VJ Gurbani Judge is an avid fitness enthusiast. She is also associated with MyProtein)

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