Training Voucher Program Adaptable to Students, Says Parkland College Vice President

YORKTON – The Government of Saskatchewan has announced $2.2 million in funding to help people get trained and re-enter the workforce with new marketable skills.

The funding will be provided through the training voucher program and will make retraining accessible and affordable for workers affected by recent economic challenges.

“We’ve been working with the voucher program for a few years,” said Kami DePape, vice president of academics at Parkland College, adding that it was initially a short-term program, but “it worked well, so it continues to be funded.”

The reason it’s proven so effective is its versatility, DePape said, noting that it can help with tuition from a short course like to become a security guard, to longer programs like that to LPNs.

The program also covers various costs ranging from tuition to books, DePape said.

“It covers tuition as well as fees,” she said, adding that it can even help with the costs of equipment needed for trades training. “It’s very adaptable.”

“So it’s a very positive program. . . It’s really inclusive. . . What does the student need?

Adaptability is also good in terms of meeting labor needs. While some funding sources are quite specific in what they will cover, this one is more flexible to meet the needs of a range of programs, offered by DePape.

“It’s one more way for students to access funding, and it really speaks to the job market,” she said. “. . . This is really what clients need to re-enter the workforce.

In the new funding announcement, Immigration and Skills Minister Jeremy Harrison said the money was intended to help people learn new skills.

“As we emerge from the pandemic, we recognize that the economic challenges caused by COVID-19 have impacted some Saskatchewan workers who may want to develop new skills as they re-enter the workforce,” said he said in a statement. will help us achieve the important goal of developing and retaining a skilled workforce to meet employer needs and help drive Saskatchewan’s economic growth.

The program is funded under the Canada-Saskatchewan Labor Market Transfer Agreements and covers agreements with public and private training institutions while targeting various sectors such as information technology, health care and technology. ‘Home. The program helps make retraining more accessible and affordable by covering tuition fees and other eligible costs.

Public educational institutions include Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Carlton Trail College, Cumberland College, Great Plains College, Lakeland College, Northlands College, North West College, Parkland College, Southeast College, Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies and the Gabriel Dumont Institute. The program has also recently expanded to include the following private training institutions: 18-Wheels Training Services, Lifemark Health Group, Northern Resource Trucking, Academy of Learning and the Saskatoon Business College.

For more information about the program and eligibility, visit the program website or contact SaskJobs Career Services directly at 1-833-613-0485 or [email protected]

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