United Way’s partnership with SOS Ministries

BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) – There’s a facility on Groesbeck Street in Bryan that can certainly be described as a multipurpose space.

“We offer training in soldering, plumbing and CDL,” said Kyle Salmon of SOS Ministries.

In this building, SOS Ministries offers courses as part of its Jack Threadgill Vocational Training Program. The 90-day program is free and helps men and women learn skills that can lead to great careers.

“We talked to plumbing companies and welding companies and they said, ‘Absolutely, we need it. If you can provide them all to us, and we know they have, in some cases, the SOS seal of approval, they said we would hire them and get them there,” Salmon said.

The small class sizes and mentorship in the program also help their students in other ways.

“We also have a life skills part, where we talk about being a good parent. We’re talking about being a good husband or a good wife,” Salmon said.

Salmon says the program has been in place for about four years, and the support from United Way of the Brazos Valley has helped them get started years ahead of their expectation.

“When United Way gave us the initial start-up capital, it then allowed us to go to other entities and organizations and say, ‘Hey, we have this. Can you help us take it a little further,” he said.

In addition to funding, Salmon says United Way gives them great exposure to other potential donors and volunteers, allowing them to continue to be a valuable resource in our community.

“The best joy we have seen is that we are having a graduation ceremony at the end of the year. What’s so fun is that they bring their whole family, so their kids can see them receive a certificate, see what they’ve completed. I think, especially for our fathers, to know that their child sees them accomplishing something is amazing,” Salmon said.

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