Was Rosario Dawson really singing?


When it comes to musicals on the big screen, it’s not uncommon for actors to step aside from performing the music. Unsurprisingly, many can’t hack it when it comes to the vocal power needed to make a musical feature film. However, there are a few notable exceptions to this rule, including well-known and well-respected actor Rosario Dawson.

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Dawson sang his entire role in the film production of “Rent” in 2005

Daughter of singer-songwriter Isabel Celeste, Dawson had big shoes to wear on the set of To rent. She joined six of the original cast from the Broadway play, as well as actress Tracie Thoms, to complete the main cast, according to Live About.

Nonetheless, she rose to the challenge and sang everything she needed for the lead role of Mimi Marquez. According to MTV, she even sang for director Chris Columbus to get the part. Although she had no formal musical training before joining Rent, she had an interesting musical background.

In addition to her family connection to music through her mother, she appeared on a Prince album in the 1990s, as well as an Outkast album, according to What culture.

More interestingly, however, his unique background lent itself to his role in To rent. Biography reports that when she was a child, her family became squatter in an empty building because they could not afford rent, which would last for years.

While not ideal, Dawson’s mother and stepfather worked to make it a home, even renovating, wiring, and installing plumbing. This experience would help illuminate her portrayal of struggling Mimi, an HIV-positive dancer struggling with financial problems and drug addiction.

Dawson’s career has shown her depth as an actress and more

Discovered at the age of 15, Dawson’s first role was in Kids, a controversial film about urban youth. She would go on to appear in films such as Men in Black II, Josie and the Pussycats, and City of sin, all in a few years To rent.

Many consider To rent to be her breakout role, after which she went on to perform roles in movies and TV shows such as Seven books, Sharp eye, Zombieland: double tap, and The Mandalorian. She has also embarked on successful vocal work, including The Lego Batman movie and Wonder Woman in a long list of Justice League animated films.

Dawson also looked at her life as a political activist and mother. She has worked alongside the Lower Eastside Girls Club, as well as to get young Latinas to vote. Given her activism, it’s no surprise that she’s been dating Democratic Senator Cory Booker for a few years now.

She also adopted her daughter Lola, now 17, in 2014, when Lola was just 11. Yahoo reports. Dawson also works hard to lead a healthy and purposeful life, given all of his ongoing activities.

“Rent” was a great success with the public

Reviews were divided on To rent in film format at all levels. One reviewer noted that the film had given him “high hopes, flat results”, while another from The New York Times:

“With an open heart to fault, he relies his integrity on the faith that even in millennial New York, certain things – friendship, compassion, grief, pleasure, beauty – are more important than money or real estate. ”

The public, on the other hand, was not disappointed. With an impressive score of 83% on more than 250,000 reviews on Rotten tomatoes, the film appealed to former fans of the Broadway hit and scored new ones.

A tale based on the opera The Bohemia, the story follows a group of New Yorkers in the early 1990s as they attempt to navigate their love life, careers, and financial struggles amid the AIDS epidemic. The original Broadway cast members who returned included Idina Menzel, Taye Diggs, and Anthony Rapp, among others.

To rent can be purchased now on Apple TV +, Amazon Prime, or streamed on HBO Max.

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